Excellence in Medical Education

We look back to 2021 with great thankfulness that the merits of excellent team members have been rewarded: Sören Huwendiek was the first to be granted membership in our Faculty of Medicine due to excellence in medical education. The university appointed Christoph Berendonk a lectureship at the Faculty of Medicine. Thanks to both of you for your dedicated work.

GMA 2021 - Annual Conference

Innovative teaching, learning and collaboration across disciplines is more important than ever in healthcare. This is where the theme of the conference of the «Association for Medical Education (GMA)» came in: Innovating Together 2021 - Learning in Healthcare. With contributions and key-note events, new developments, requirements and solutions were to illuminate the interplay between teaching and practice. It is really great what has been jointly created in terms of innovation. Link abstract volume 
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference was held online.

Online platform for communication training

«Communication is a key skill in healthcare and central to build a good relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. It also contributes to optimal patient care. DocCom.Deutsch (DCD) is an established online learning platform that facilitates the acquisition of communication skills.
This year we implemented two new modules into DCD: «Einbindung spiritueller Aspekte in der Patientenkommunikation» [Spirituality] und «Über das Sterben sprechen» [Talking about dying]. Link

Examic Valuatic: a new system for oral and clinical examinations

Examic Valuatic is a new software system that will replace Examic EOSCE. Valuatic is being developed with all the experience and feedback in mind that we collected over the last 10 years from our partners and in close cooperation with the assessment practitioners that run OSCEs.

Usability & UX

The digital transformation and the pandemic, in particular, has forced us to use a multitude of unfamiliar tools and systems. While every programmer has their own thoughts as to how software is to be used, users might have a very different idea. Our Ux team helps to apply generic concepts to user interfaces and to create software that is easy and intuitive to use. (Article Usability and User Experience)

Virtual GMA conference: 16. - 17. September 2021

Explanations concerning the Examic® Assessment Suite

Interview (in DE), Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann

Annual Report 2021 of the Medical Faculty Bern

Read online (IML p. 172 - 173)